Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas food traditions

Here is a wonderful demonstration of how to make boiled custard. I remember going to my great-grandmother's house when I was a little girl, and boiled custard is something she always served. It was served as a drink and also as a sauce over cakes. Christmas at Mamaw Kiser's was the only time and place I ever had boiled custard growing up, and it still reminds me of her. What are some of your Christmas food traditions?

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Marian Allen said...

FRUITCAKE! I always make some form of it. Only #4 daughter doesn't much care for it, but I bet she'd like it if I used Scotch instead of bourbon.

Mexican (or Czechoslovakian) Wedding Cookies aka Russian Tea Cakes -- you know, those little balls full of pecans and rolled in powdered sugar.

Springerle for Charlie and me.

Bourbon balls -- the kind with walnuts in and dipped in semi-sweet chocolate.

For New Year's, we have Princess Alexandra to toast the New Year (a drink, not a person), and I make date pudding.