Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Newfoundland: Am I Hearty Enough?

As promised, I am following up on last week's post about The Shipping News. While I told the premise of the book last week, this week I am going to delve into the lasting impression that the book has left on me.
One of the most magical things about reading is that books can make an imprint on us. Whenever I read a good book, it changes me in some way. Something from that book makes an impression that will stay with me always.
The Shipping News leaves me with a healthy curiosity about Newfoundland. I have found myself Googling the location several times since I began reading the book.
The rugged terrain and unforgiving weather has me wanting to visit someday, yet a bit nervous about being tough enough for Newfoundland. I can be a bit wimpy about cold weather. It is not so much simple cold that I do not like, it is frigid, windy, damp weather that makes me want to retreat to the fireplace. Newfoundland's location of being in the North Atlantic sometimes makes it all three of the above; frigid, windy and damp.
Another problem is that I am timid about seafood. I eat shrimp, crab cakes and crab dip. That is about the extent of my cravings for things from the sea. I doubt a visit to Newfoundland would be complete without a large sampling of fish and other sea creatures.
So, yes I want to someday visit Newfoundland. I had just better pack warmly and learn to eat fish!
Has anyone been? Tell me about it! I am fascinated by this place.


Vicki Delany said...

I've been to Newfoundland. About 10 years ago. Fabulous place. We had an absolutely great time. Weather was good for NFLD weather - as in light sweater and very little rain. I found the food bland and unimaginative though. I expect that has changed in the cities at least.

Lisa Hall said...

I can handle a light sweater and a little rain. Maybe I'm tough enough for Newfoundland after all!