Sunday, November 28, 2010

More on Turkey Leftovers

Yum, did Donis mention turkey leftovers?

My favourite meal of the year, I always say is Boxing Day dinner. Turkey leftover day.

Turkey is the traditional meal in Canadian households at Thanksgiving as it is in the U.S., but because Canadian Thanksgiving is in early October we are ready for another round come Christmas. And so, turkey is the traditional Christmas meal as well in many households, including mine.

Boxing Day is the day after Christmas and it is a holiday (now ruined in my opinion by the popularity of the Boxing Day Sale). As Christmas dinner is usually held at my house, I am the chief cook. So Christmas afternoon is a blurr of making stuffing, peeling potatoes, sorting out desserts, setting table, hunting for rarely used dishes or placemats, making the gravy, carving the turkey, etc, etc. You all know the drill. I sit down and enjoy the dinner, but there are seconds to be served, dessert to be assembled, coffee to be put on. And, of course, dishes to be washed.

Boxing Day however, is a lovely calm day of relaxing with family, admiring gifts, puttering about, maybe going for a walk. And then at dinner time, just piling leftover turkey and stuffing onto a platter. Heating up the potatoes and squash and warming the gravy. And digging in to the best meal of the year!

Can't wait!

Next time I'll post my simple recipe for squash caserole. I absolutely love it - no one else in my family will touch it. Making it just for myself is my one great Christmas indulgence.

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Donis Casey said...

Vicki, if your squash casserole is anything like the one I grew up with, I guarantee that if I had Christmas dinner at your house, you'd have a casserole eating companion. I'm atingle waiting for your recipe.