Friday, November 5, 2010

Eight foods to make you look younger

The idea for this post landed in my in-box earlier in the week. I didn't even open the e-mail, but the subject line was enough to get my perverse mind into gear. It read "Five Foods To Make You Look Younger!" So I began to think about foods that would make one appear younger...or, at least, childlike. And here they are:

8) Wax lips - Okay, I know this doesn't really count as a food; but I wore these often as a child because I believed they made me look like Veronica from the Archie comics.

7) Juice box - the classic beverage that screams, "I wanna go out and play!"

6) Cereal - extra "youth points" if you can recite the tagline and if you get excited if there's a prize inside.

5) Fun dip - Tried this one this summer. It failed to make me look younger because it was so sour it turned my face wrong side out; and, though still tasty, the stick was way harder than I'd remembered. But it might still work out for you.

4) Bomb pop - Extra points if you get this one from an ice cream truck.

3) Candy cigarettes - If you're gonna smoke, do it right!

2) Candy necklace - Bling AND a snack!

And finally.....

1) The giant swirly lollipop! Bonus points if your hair is in ringlets and you can skip.


Donis Casey said...

Remember those lollipops that were shaped like cylinders? When I was a freshman in college we'd lick the top end and stick them to the ceiling of our dorm room. A youthful decorating tip.

Lisa Hall said...

Love your way of thinking! Such a cute post.

Gayle said...

Donis, you should totally do a post on youthful and inexpensive decorating for the college dorm! ;)