Thursday, November 4, 2010

Death of Cupcakes Greatly Exaggerated

In a past post, I mentioned how sources said the cupcake seemed to be going out of fashion. Oh, yeah?

Well in Chicago, the cupcake is growing and in even more demand.

According to news reports, last week, Chicago's More Cupcakes began a new venture, the "More Mobile," a mobile van serving up, what else? - cupcakes.

The unique company on Delaware Place offers "artistic" cupcakes in a showcase setting, "breakfast" cupcakes like the BLT Cupcake or a cupcake with Ranch frosting, and even cocktail cupcakes. (Margarita or Pina Colada, anyone?) With at least 15 varieties offered daily, who says the cupcake is dead?

Chicago seems to be a virtual cupcake paradise -

* Sugar Bliss Cakes bakes cupcakes from scratch daily, and delivers.

* Flirty Cupcakes on wheels has flavors ranging from S'mores (ooh!) to red velvet cake, delivered from their cupcake van.

* And not to slight anyone, there are scores more places to check out when you Google "cupcakes Chicago." Wow! Chocolate sounds good!


Lisa Hall said...

Hallelujah! The cupcake is alive!!!

Komal said...

I went off cupcakes ages ago. Fashionable food does not necessarily mean good food!