Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bananas, Con and Pro

I love bananas. Especially when they're just right, although "just right" is highly subjective. My mother likes 'em while the peel is still green. My grandfather didn't like 'em until the peel had brown spots on. I like 'em in between. We made a good team, banana-wise.

Bananas can be used as a substitute for oil in pancakes (assuming you like banana-flavored pancakes). And they're VERY good in fruit salad, especially with Bear-Whipping Sauce.

Long-time readers (or maybe it's on my own site that I posted it).... Anyway, when my #4 daughter was younger, I was mixing this sauce. She asked what it was, and I said, "Berry-dipping sauce" and she misheard me. So now it's Bear-Whipping Sauce.

Bear-Whipping Sauce
mix equal amounts of brown sugar and mayonnaise.

Trust me--it's delicious!

Fruit Salad
  • apple, cored and cut into chunks
  • banana
  • walnuts
  • raisins
  • Bear-Whipping Sauce
This is SO good! The problem comes when there are leftovers. Because here's the thing about bananas: They are a delicate fruit. That means they get manky pretty quickly. People do not want to eat leftover fruit salad with bananas in.

I've been known to rinse leftover fruit salad in a colander to wash all the ick off, then add a fresh banana and more BWSauce, but I've discovered a new use for it. The beauty part is that everybody else still goes ICK, so I get it all for myself.

I put the leftover manky fruit salad into oatmeal or over cereal. The mishy banana gets lost in the shuffle and just adds its delicious sweet flavor (and a little body) to the mix.

So ha! for me.

Marian Allen


Donis Casey said...

I love bear-whipping sauce. My family has a "bear soup", which has nothing to do with bears. Who knows where the name came from. Some four-year-old in the misty past. Your great-grandchildren will be eating bear whipping sauce and wondering where that name came from.

Lisa Hall said...

Yes, bananas are delicate! Yesterday, I had a bunch of bananas in the back of my shopping cart. My toddler moved from the front to the back of the cart during our shopping trip. She stepped on two of the bananas, which I did not discover until I was checking out. Mashed bananas were all over everything!