Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This past weekend, I was suffering from a miserable cold. The only upside was that I had a great excuse to prop up in my bed and finish reading The Traveling Tea Ladies ~Death in Dallas, written by Melanie O'Hara Salyers.

I had gotten to preview this book a few months ago, so that I could give a blurb. Getting to read the first three chapters had me chomping at the bit to finish the book. The remaining chapters were not a disappointment! This book combines interesting, yet relatable characters, great locations and a compelling mystery. Since this is for the Fatal Foodies, I cannot neglect to mention that the food descriptions are tantilizing!

The main character, Amelia, owns a tea room in the small Tennessee town of Dogwood Cove. Amelia brews up wonderful teas and all of the accompaniments. Scones, truffles, quiches, soups and pies are just a few of the Pink Dogwood Tea Room's specialties.

A trip to Texas for a college homecoming celebration has Amelia and her girlfriends eating their way through Dallas. The ladies indulge in everything from cheese fries at a college dive to fancy cocktail hor'dourves.

The good times in Dallas are short-lived when Amelia and her friends find themselves smack-dab in the middle of a murder investigation. Things get complicated very quickly as the history of the deceased is uncovered. This cozy mystery is a page-turner that will have readers guessing right up till the end!

Once you have finished the story, there are several recipes in the back of the book. Melanie O'Hara Salyers is much like her main character in that she owns a tea room. The author's love of tea is evident throughout the story, and in the recipes that she shares.

Melanie's official debut of the book will be next weekend at her tea room. Check out her site for more details about the debut, or how to order her book.
Happy reading and Bon AppeTEA!


Marian Allen said...

Now that's my kind of mystery! No gore, and plenty of food. :) Thanks for the recommendation--I'm always looking for more.

Marian Allen

Lisa Hall said...

Marian, I think you'd like it. The characters are very endearing, and the mysterious twist is based on an interesting entanglement of relationships.