Saturday, October 9, 2010

Armenian Cucumbers

Lately my yard guy has been bringing us his excess Armenian cucumbers. If you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting an Armenian cuke face to face, that’s one I’m holding in the picture. It does indeed look like a weird, anemic cucumber, and it tastes like one, as well. But the truth is that an Armenian cucumber is a type of melon. They can grow to an incredible size, and are usually all twisty and turny, but they’re tender and thin-skinned and there’s no need to peel them. It’s easy to digest, and never bitter, and it grows like crazy, even in weather far too hot and dry for a real cucumber.

I like to eat them like cukes, and they’re especially good in Mediterranean-type salads.

Here’s a recipe I used just last evening for supper:
1 cup chopped Armenian Cucumber (or more if you like it.)
3 cups of torn lettuce leaves,
1 chopped red onion,
2 firm ripe tomatoes, chopped
fresh mint leaves, chopped (a couple of tablespoons, or to taste. I like a lot)
fresh basil, chopped (ditto)
crumbled feta

Toss all together with olive oil and lemon juice dressing, or a nice ranch or yogurt dressing, stuff into a warm pita, and enjoy. I do like to use whatever is at hand for my salad, so don’t hesitate to add celery or bell peppers, parsley or olives.


Unknown said...

Are they similar to Bitter Melon?
Also - your recipe doesn't mention the cucumber so I was curious as to how much you used.

Donis Casey said...

How very embarrassing! Use about one cup of chopped Cuke. Actually they are very cucumbery, rather sweet. They're also called snake melons.