Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Food For Everybody!

I start every day by working these links, and I encourage you to do it, too. It's fast (now that we have high-speed, even faster) and dangerous. Extreme clicking--that's the sport for me!

The first link is the most dangerous. it's The Hunger Site. Actually, it's The Breast Cancer Site, but it has a row of tabs across the top. You can go to each one and click. Each time you do (one click on each tab each day), the site's sponsors donate toward the cause featured on the tab: Hunger, Breast Cancer detection, Child Health, Literacy, saving Rainforests and Animal Rescue. The danger comes from the sidebars and the Thank You pages--that's where the sponsors post pictures of their wares: jewelry, accessories, SCARVES (I'm addicted to scarves) and more.

It was through an ad on The Hunger Site that I found World Wide Recipes, the best darned recipezine in the whole darned universe. :)

After The Hunger Site, I go to Free Rice and start playing. I keep it open and go back to it through the day and play a few screens in between tasks. Free Rice is a game with a serious purpose. You can pick a category--I use vocabulary--and answer multiple-choice questions. For each correct answer, the sponsors donate ten grains of rice to the World Food Programme to end world hunger. It's amazing how quickly those ten grains add up during a day. The danger here is: it's freaking addictive.

While I'm playing--um, I mean, improving my vocabulary--at Free Rice, I go to Free Kibble and answer a trivia question about dogs. Right or wrong, my click there donates kibble to dogs in shelters. I click through from there to its sister site and answer a trivia question about cats to donate kibble to shelter cats. Danger: Makes me want to go to all the shelters everywhere and hug all the dogs and cats and take them home and be a crazy dog-and-cat lady and get shut down by the Health Department--.... No. No. Mustn't do that. Mustn't.

So that's my morning. Takes about five minutes, plus the bits and pieces during the day of clicking on the Free Rice vocabulary. Won't you join me in the dangerous games?

Marian Allen


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the heads up about Free Rice and Free Kibble. I pound the Breast Cancer/hunger/literary/rain forest/pets site. I'll take a look at the others

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I didn't know it was that easy! I can do it.

Unknown said...

I do the click to donate at www.care2.com - takes a few minutes but supports so many programs.