Wednesday, September 29, 2010

National Storytelling Festival

If you live nearby or ever make a visit to northeast Tennessee, Jonesborough, Tennessee is a town that you must visit. Jonesborough is the oldest town in Tennessee. Many things have been done, or not done, to keep its old-time charm.
The buildings are well-maintained, but retain their original designs. Brick sidewalks and gracious old homes with beautiful backyard gardens make taking a stroll through this town an absolute pleasure.
This weekend, Jonesborough will host the National Storytelling Festival. Folks from all over the world travel to this charming little town that is home to the International Storytelling Center.
There are some great places to eat in Jonesborough. Quaint cafes, an old-fashioned ice cream shop, a specialty chocolate store, a shop full of classis candies, a pancake house and a gourmet food business are all within walking distance of each other.
Tomorrow, I will be signing books in the Jonesborough Visitors Center as people register for the festival. If anyone reading this will be attending, come by and see me!

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