Thursday, September 23, 2010

Guilty! Smoking at a Young Age

Reading yesterday's Little Debbie post (never realized they were such an obsession!) made me think of things we had as kids growing up in the 50s: remember those candy cigarettes?

Oh, the guilty pleasure! I'm sure we pretended to "smoke" them, but mostly we ate them. While it probably isn't a good thing to give kids (don't need them walking around with a pack in their pocket), it was just one of those things we took for granted then. Real favorite: flying saucers, red hot coins, banana taffy...

** Find old-fashioned candy and candy cigs. (Cheap too!)

What was your favorite?


Marian Allen said...

I liked those little wax soft drink bottles filled with violent-colored super-sweet syrup. Ugh! But I loved them then. :)

Marian Allen

CA Verstraete said...

I remember those - they were sickening sweet! Oh and I forgot the best thing- wax lips!!!