Thursday, September 2, 2010

Foods to Fear?

A recent Yahoo story mentioned the five top foods that people fear most...


1 Eggs made the list - probably for good reason considering all the stuff going on right now, though admittedly runny eggs are unappealing anyway.

2. Bwaaahhhh! Beware the terrible Raisin (and other dried fruits)! Is it the wrinkles? How about prunes?

(Okay admit it - the first thing I thought of were those creepy Singing Raisins... enough reason to be scared right?

3. Mushrooms. As the story notes, many people fear a food that's classified as fungi, but well, I like mushrooms. But then I don't pick them off trees which means fungi to me...

4. Cheese. Seriously? (Huh? What's scary about it other than high cholesterol?) Which for me, always brings to mind that funny question the patient asked Dick van Dyke in his doctor show: What's life without cheese? (Really.)

5. Milk. Being a non-milk drinker, I can relate. Don't like it, though a good milkshake will suffice.

** What are your feared or most hated foods?


Marian Allen said...

Okra. 'Nuff said. Although I will eat fried okra. I'll eat fried just-about-anything.

Marian Allen

CA Verstraete said...

Frying fixes a lot of things... (like the waistline? ha!)