Sunday, September 19, 2010

Can you stand one more blog posting about Tomatoes?

This is the last for this year. Promise.

If you remember a couple of weeks ago I was heading off to the heirloom tomato tasting at Vicki’s Veggies (nothing to do with me) here in Prince Edward County, Ontario. They had, I beleive, 137 types of tomatoes laid out on long tables in front of the farmhouse. We walked up and down the line and tasted and made notes and tasted some more. We could then put in an order for seedlings in the spring for the varieties we liked and/or buy tomatoes to take home. The ones I liked best were Russian Prince George, Black Yum Yum, Dino Egg and Green Zebra.

Also, if you remember I was complaining about my own tomato garden this year and what a disaster it was. Well, there were two exceptions: I bought only two seedlings from Vicki’s in the spring and planted them in the herb bed close to the house. They remind me now of The Day of the Triffids. They’re huge! The plants have grown up the deck railing, as you can see, and half way to the swimming pool, which you can’t see. They’re killed the basil, probably by cutting off the sun, and are thick with tomatoes. Now my only worry is that the frost will get them before I do because they are very slow to ripen.

In the attached pictures, the ones of picked tomatoes are from the tasting, the ones on the vine are mine.

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Donis Casey said...

I want some Black Yum Yum just for the name. I like green Zebras, but they're a bit acidy for me.