Friday, August 13, 2010

New site you should check out

I've found a new site that has me inspired. It's called Beauty and Bedlam. I love having a pantry full of "stuff." It's so great not to have to run out to the grocery store every time we think we're out of something.

This site teaches you how to stockpile groceries. The author says that on one trip, her grocery bill was reduced from $135 to $12! Can you imagine? And it's not like she's just buying groceries for a family of two or three--she and her husband have five children. Among these five children are teenagers--BOY teenagers! You'll understand my amazement at this if you're feeding one of these bottomless pits. :)

The author also talks about spending one day a month baking and stocking your freezer to save time the rest of the month. I've been thinking that I'll be baking cookies every Sunday now that it's time for school to start back up again. But the Beauty and Bedlam blogger has inspired me to get in the kitchen and bake a month's worth right now. And later, I'm going by the grocery store....

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