Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Line Edits!

Okay, so I wrote this book, EEL'S REVERENCE, right, and I read it and I read it and I gave it to other people to read, and I made corrections, right? And I sent it to Echelon Press and their editor read it and suggested corrections and I made them, right? And they sent me a proof copy and I went through it and I CAUGHT MANY MISTAKES THAT I NEVER CAUGHT BEFORE! And they fixed my mistakes and sent me a final proof and...can you guess what comes next? Yup, I found many and many mistakes that I missed all the times before.

I'm like, how was this even readable before? Should I have just left it as it was, and challenged my readers to break the code?

God bless Karen Syed, the publisher at Echelon, for bearing with me through all this with patience and good humor!

I invite you to download and read "Line of Descent", a free story at Smashwords (available in read-without-a-Kindle formats) that is set in the same world as EEL'S REVERENCE and includes chapter 1 of EEL'S REVERENCE--uncorrected, for your puzzle-solving pleasure.

As for the food connection: I am eating crow.



L. Diane Wolfe said...

Yeah I was amazed how many mistakes I found in the proof copies of my books as well. I'm almost afraid to read the finalized books - bet some mistakes are still there!

Patricia Stoltey said...

Good post, Marian. It's definitely a rude awakening when we go through the editing process -- we usually get to the point that we hate our manuscripts with a passion, at least until we hold the finished product in our hot little hands for the first time.

It's like childbirth, the pain is quickly forgotten as we bond with our newborn.