Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Launch Contest!

This yesterday from Karen Syed at Echelon Press:

This will get you started, will add formats tomorrow to omnilit, right now
pdf and html, had some issues with conversions. Should show up on Kindle and
BN.com within a week or so, gods willing.

Announcement will go on our web site manana.

So now I can announce my contest.

From today through September 26, inclusive, September 26 being my birthday, everyone who leaves a comment on my blog, my Tuesday Fatal Foodies posts, my Echelon Exploration posts, my Write Type posts, my blog book tour posts the second and third weeks of September (schedule coming soon) AND mentions EEL'S REVERENCE will be entered. Anyone who buys the book and posts a review anywhere and includes the link to the review as a comment to any of those posts will be entered five times. All entries will be numbered and the winning numbers will be chosen by random number generator. Only one prize per entrant. First winner gets first choice of prize.


  • Free copy of EEL'S REVERENCE or FORCE OF HABIT, my upcoming sf/farce. (2 separate prizes-1 of each)
  • Free softback copy of SWORD AND SORCERESS XXIII, with my story "Undivided" in it.
  • Free softback copy of DYING IN A WINTER WONDERLAND, with my story "Team Player" in it.
  • Your name in the story I'm going to write to promote FORCE OF HABIT.

So that's my contest.

Oh--by the way--it cosses $2.99.



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