Thursday, July 15, 2010

Renaissance Faire Food - Not what you think!

One of our summer must-do's is going to the annual Renaissance Faire in Wisconsin.

I love the costumes (er, "clothing" as one of the Queen's cabinet mentioned in a most-interesting talk on Courtly Life. The best part, I felt.)

And I love looking around, and seeing the shows. The woodland characters - fairies and such sitting in the middle of the green areas, also are great attention-getters.

As for the food, well, some swear by the turkey legs. Nope, I eat white meat only. The fish and chips are great, although probably not very Tudoresque. My choices are the Tempura and the ice cream crepes. Yeah, I know; fattening and far from authentic.

Well... if we're talking authentic, then it wouldn't be much of a faire, right? The use of spices came into vogue then for good reason - to cover up the often rancid meat hanging in the marketplace. Yum.

Some possible 1500s period dishes:

According to the food timeline:

* Shakespeare probably ate apples and nuts at the theater. (yes, we had roasted cinnamon pecans. Very tasty.)

* How about a recipe for Sheeps Feet? (Ewww. No modern day substitute, thank goodness.)

* Other recipes on the Tudor site above: Chicken with lemons (chicken on a stick at the fair). (You'll need to read Olde English for the above recipe; and you'll need "verjuyce" - juice from crab apples or sour fruit.)

Okay, enough of that. The real key to the Faire: have fun and eat what you like.

For a kick, enjoy reading the "olde" recipes. It makes you so thankful for refrigeration and microwaves.


Marian Allen said...

I once read a translation of a medieval recipe for a dish of chicken feet that the recipe claimed was--and I quote--"outstanding". I would think sheep's feet would be outstanding, as well.

CA Verstraete said...

Ha - ha Marian; you can say that you need the right ingredients to "get on the right foot" - right? HAAAA!