Friday, July 9, 2010

Plots everywhere I look

I'm sorry for the delay in posting today, but I was having computer problems until a few minutes ago. I have a question for you other mystery writers on the list. Do you see potential plots everywhere you go? I'm pretty sure Marian does because she's posted about it before.

As some of you may know, the idea for Killer Sweet Tooth came to me because I had to take my son to the orthodontist after hours. It was about 10 p.m. on a Saturday night. He'd broken a wire earlier in the evening, and we'd called and learned that Dr. Bassham was on her way back to town after visiting relatives in another state. She said she'd call us when she returned.

While we waited for her call, the family sat around the kitchen table playing Texas Hold 'Em. I asked, "Wouldn't it be awful if we went to meet Dr. Bassham and she was dead? You know, if someone got there before we did and knocked her in the head. We could be considered suspects because we'd lured her to her office."

Does my family think this kind of talk is strange? Not from me. When we got to the orthodontist's office, my son said, "Hey, Mom, tell her what you said."

I then had to tell her what I'd said and explain that I was a mystery writer. She seemed to understand, but I took her a copy of Murder Takes the Cake at the next visit! She did say that she'd bought and remodeled the office and that when they'd first began business there, homeless men kept wandering in. Apparently, they'd stayed there or slept on the porch or something before the building was sold.

Today I was in a doctor's office where a strange man was loitering in the waiting area. The practice is staffed by only the doctor and his wife. Before I left today I asked if she was okay with me leaving. She said she was and that the man said he was waiting for someone.

Still, I had to wonder if I should watch the evening news today...just in case.


Marian Allen said...

Ah, you know me so well! It's no fun, when your anxiety disorder makes you think of all the terrible things that might happen to people in real life, but it's quite useful in the abstract!

Gayle said...

LOL! I agree. :D