Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ladies, Keep Your Men Away From Little Debbie!

She may look all wholesome, but this girl has a way of entrapping men in her web of shrink-wrapped treats. Once she gets a hold of your them, males will hopelessly succumb to her icing dipped, colored sprinkled, transfat free, sticky sweet charm.
I recently began comtemplating Little Debbie's hold on men when a friend's husband began having health problems that required some dietary changes. She mentioned that he would have to give up his Little Debbie cakes. After talking with her, I began thinking of all the men I know who adore Little Debbie cakes.
My dad has always been obsessed with them. My husband's fondness for the cakes means that, once we are down to a couple of boxes; I am frantically reminded to pick up some at the grocery store. Recently I ran into a friend at our local Sam's Club, she was with her dad and searching for, you guessed it, Little Debbie cakes for her dad to have with his coffee.
If you are not familiar, Little Debbie products come in a rectangular box. Each box contains several wrapped cakes. Some all-time favorites include Fudge Rounds (my husband's favorite) and oatmeal cakes (two soft oatmeal cookies with white cream in the middle). Little Debbie has some fun holiday cakes with colored icing and sprinkles. When I was in school, Little Debbie cakes were a welcome site in any kid's lunchbox.
Here's an interesting story. Several years ago, a truck full of Little Debbie cakes flipped; sending cakes into the Ocoee River. A raft guide from that river told me that they were grabbing cakes out of the river all summer long, and eating them. The amazing thing was that the cakes tasted as fresh as if they had come straight off the grocer's shelf. Now that's some air-tight wrapping!
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Mary@GigglesandGuns said...

The Great Debbie Addiction - once she gets hold of you it's all over! LOL