Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One for the Kiddies

Lately, I have been trying all sorts of new events to promote my writing. Today I am going to do a program for children at Sullivan Gardens Public Library.

The program is for an hour. My focus will be on exercies that promote creativity. Here is what I plan to do:

1) Introduce myself.

2) Let all of the children introduce themselves and tell 1 thing about themselves.

3) Talk about my love of reading/writing and how it began in childhood.

4) Do paper bag exercise- Pretend you will be on island alone for 24 hours. All kinds of food and fresh water have been left for you. What 3 things will you take that can fit in a small paper lunch sack? Each kid gets a sack and 3 slips of paper on which to draw or write. We will go around and talk about our 3 items.

5) Favorite food exercise- Tell them about the importance of descriptions. Writers use good descriptions to interest the reader. Each child will describe their favorite food. We will try and guess what it is. They may talk about ingredients, preparation, smell, taste, appearance, etc.

6) Tips for future writers- Most important is to read everyday!

7) Read one of my favorite children's books.

I left fliers about my books for the parents who pre-registered their their children for today's program. The fliers invited parents to shop while their children attend my session. I also brought fliers for today that promote a children's book that will be coming out next spring. Never too early to create a buzz!

The best part about today's event is that I'm bringing my own kids! No having to get a babysitter.

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Marian Allen said...

Lisa, that's brilliant! Proves the truth of the advice that the best self-promotion is that which gives to others. Actually, I just made that one up. lol!