Friday, June 18, 2010

New kid in town

Meet Cooper, the latest member of the Trent clan. He's a 13-week-old Great Pyrenees. His owners were moving and had to find him a new home.

I'd forgotten how tough it is to have a baby in the house! Thank goodness, though, he's doing well with potty-training. Now if we could only get him to sleep through the night.

If anyone would like to help out, we are registered at Paws 'R Us. Kidding! But, seriously, folks, if anyone would like to help out other Great Pyrenees, check out the National Great Pyrenees Rescue. You can adopt, surrender, foster or donate to the cause.

One of the best Pyr adoption stories I ever saw had a picture of a darling puppy that was about six months old. Below the picture was written, "Can you pass this test? Chickens are a) to be guarded with your life, or b) tasty snacks. I didn't pass the test."

Well, the children and I are off to take the baby to the park. Wonder if they allow polar bear cubs in the dog park? ;)


CA Verstraete said...

awww so cute! puppies are demanding but so fun! big pup too!

Donis Casey said...

What a sweetie.

Marian Allen said...

Squeeee! A friend of mine just adopted a grown Grand Pyrenees through the NGPR and he DOES look like a polar bear! He's a sweetie, though, now that he's learned not every human hates him and wants nothing more than to hurt him. Or maybe he thinks he's died and gone to heaven, because my friend's animals are treated with love and respect, as they--as we all--deserve to be treated. *climbing off soapbox*

Gayle said...

Thank you! Marian, Cooper's dad's name was Polar. :)