Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Beach Read Made me Crave Italian!

One of the books that I took on vacation this year was Very Valentine, written by Adriana Trigiani. As with all of Adriana's writing, I just adored this book. For fellow Fatal Foodies this books will entice you palate as well as your mind.
Valentine Roncalli is the main character in this books. She works as an apprentice for her family's custom shoe company. Trigiani beautifully describes the process of shoe making in a way that made me understand why Valentine is so passionate about her craft.
Another thing that Valentine and her whole Italian family is passionate about is their food. From decadent pasta dishes, to crusty breads and rich desserts, I was drooling all the way through. The taste bud titilation becomes even more intense when Valentine begins dating a hot Italian chef. This dreamboat, but workaholic of a man prepares food with the same love and intensity that Valentine puts into making a custom shoe.
Trigiani creates a feast for the eyes as she takes the reader from the hustle and bustle of Greenwich Village to the tranquility of a tiny Italian town, then on to the luxurious and intoxicating Isle of Capri. She made me want to visit each of these locations, espcially the Isle of Capri!
This book is truly a celebration of some of the best things in life; love, family, passion, travel and food. It is a must read!

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