Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Bowl of Cherries

Vicki’s post on strawberries last week reminded me of a wonderful recipe I saw once for strawberry chicken salad. It basically consisted of chicken, mayo, pecans, celery, and strawberries. Oh, yum. I used to grow strawberries every year when I lived in a place that had cool weather and damp soil.

The cherries are out right now. Cherries are the fruit that I wait for every year. I particularly like the big, dark red ones that stain everything they come into contact with. Aside from being unspeakably delicious, cherries have another property that I had forgotten about until recently. I have a tendency to develop neck and shoulder pain when I sit in front of the computer for too long, and boy did I do myself in a few days ago. I could barely turn my head for the sore muscles. I don’t like to take pain relievers, so I have to be in pretty bad shape to consider it. And considering it I was. I decided that I’d sit down for a minute and have a relaxing drink and some fresh cherries, and listen to some music, first, and if the pain didn’t improve considerably, I’d take a couple of Tylenol.

Twenty minutes later, after my CD was done, I realized that the muscle pain was gone and I had forgotten all about it. Was it the rest and the music? That’s when I remembered that cherries are supposed to have an analgesic effect. I have actually read that a dozen fresh cherries are supposed to be as effective against pain as an aspirin. I’m guessing that the combination of rest, music, and cherries did the trick.

I use food non food purposes quite often. Oatmeal makes a spectacular facial mask. Just mix some with warm water and when it gets soft, smear it on your face and let it dry. Then wash off with warm water and pat your face dry. Actually, strawberries are very good for the complexion, if you’re not allergic, that is. So are tomatoes and avocado. We all know about cukes on the eyes. Lemon is a great deodorizer, astringent, and disinfectant. The peel repels insects, too. Blended-up oranges and peel will get rid of an ant den. Vinegar is what I use to clean and disinfect my shower. It’s also good for mixing with water and soaking fruits and veggies to clean and help remove pesticides and waxes from the peel.

p.s. I second Marian’s opinion (see below) that everyone should read Richard Wrangham’s book, Catching Fire.

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Lisa Hall said...

I will be doing the strawberry chicken salad.
I've heard of people with arthritis eating cherries to combat their pain.