Thursday, May 27, 2010

Old Snack Food Favorites

Snack foods come and go, but you always hope that your favorite sticks around.

And some seem like they've been here forever, right? Remember Combos? Still a favorite, though I don't remember this odd "breakfast" version that supposedly launched in 2008. Bacon, Egg and Cheese Combos? Ick. (Anyone try this?)

If you go to a true candy store, the fun is in finding old childhood favorites. Remember those caramel sucker Slap Sticks? Or what about those coconut neopolitans? Red Hots are always a favorite, as are those sticky sweet red coins.

Interesting seeing what we'll be chewing and munching on in coming months. According to the recent Candy Expo 2010, closing today in Chicago, you can expect some old favorites, but with new twists.

Remember that larger striped coconut bar from years ago? A new version, the Coconut Slice Peg Bag, is coming out in red, yellow and white stripes. How about a fun new flavor gum? Sunkist is coming out with interesting sugar-free fruit flavored gums. Grapefruit or Key Lime anyone?

There are plenty of more neat new candy items coming. Even better, if you want to have your snack and feel better about it, then there's an intriguing Vitamin Cookie that comes enriched with a day's worth of vitamins and minerals. Bye-bye guilt.

* Got a snack favorite?


Jill said...

Love the old candy stores, but I have yet to find a place that sells Wig Wam choclate bars :(

Anonymous said...

I just love food blogs. :D