Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mmm, I love candles, but the sweet smell of -- White Castle?

For National Burger Month (which ends May 31, who knew?) White Castle had what the higher-ups must've thought was a brainstorm idea.

To benefit Autism Speaks, the company, as you must've heard by now, is selling ($10 each) special ceramic candle holders shaped like the classic "slider" container.

That's cute and a good fundraising idea. But.... inside is a candle that smells, supposedly, like onions and burgers. Ugh!

Bad enough when you cook and the smell stays in the house for awhile, but scenting it like fried onions (or whatever scent passes for it) - deliberately?

Oh, and checking out the "House of Crave" store - (egads! is WC that popular??) - it looks like enough people thought it disgusting or unique enough that the candle is Sold OUT!

** Your Turn: Ok 'fess up - did you buy one? Or would you?

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Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Laura Slatkin is President of Candela, which makes the candles. She is on the Leadership Board at Autism Speaks. It's s disgusting fundraiser that makes AS a laughing stock in the Autism community yet again. Rose scented? Lovely. Cinnamon bun? We get it. White Castle? It sounds like they needed to close out a candle that didn't sell and chose to tack it onto AS. And we don't need to support their monstrous salaries to staff and Park Avenue digs. Send your money to a local autism org, not AS.