Friday, May 28, 2010

Days of Our Hectic Lives

We join this episode already in progress.

7:50 a.m. - Hopeful time of departure: 8 a.m.

Teenage Boy: Mom, I don't have any clean jeans, so I'm wearing these again. I got them out of the hamper.

Mom (wide-eyed and bending down to smell leg of jeans): Why didn't you tell me this last night?

TB: I didn't know.

Mom: Don't you have any shorts you can wear?

TB (shaking head): They're all too small.

Mom: How about the khaki pair downstairs in the laundry room?

TB: I'll try them and see. (Ambles down the stairs.)

Mom (gathering laundry and racing downstairs to find TB shut in the laundry room): Do they fit?

TB: Yeah.

Mom: Leave me the jeans you were wearing so I can put them in the washer.

8 a.m.

TB ambles up the stairs. Mom grabs car keys and purse. TB returns to the bathroom saying, "We're gonna be late anyway."

MOM (panic-stricken and snatching his lunch box off the table): I'll turn the car around!

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Sorry for the weird post. Deadline is looming & I am panicky!

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CA Verstraete said...

hmm thought i was cracking up... i knew I posted mine for thursday, which is today... yet the new post comes up dated friday.... woooo!