Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another Dreadful Thought

Marian here, with another example of why it's lucky I use my powers for good instead of for ee-vil.

This thought began with the somber reflection that we've lost several of our older members from our congregation in the past month, two of them married and passing within a few weeks of one another.

You'd think that would focus my mind on serious things and make me vow to be clean and pure and noble, at least for a while.

But being a writer is a gift...(say it with me)...and a curse.

Because, whenever a member of our congregation--or a close relative of a member, or someone who was never a member but was a friend of ours--passes, we furnish a lunch for them in our fellowship hall after the funeral, with various members bringing assigned foods.

You can see where I'm going with this.

What better way for someone with a grudge against a whole family, or someone with a grudge against one member of the funeral party and who doesn't care who else gets hurt, to cut a wide swath.... Or to target one person and mix up the tracks by having the poison/allergen in the dish someone else prepared....

Lucky I'm a friendly cuss and like everybody. :)


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