Thursday, April 29, 2010

No More Happy Meals?

So one county in California has banned that childhood (and collector's) favorite - the Happy Meal, saying that it is partly to blame for childhood obesity.


Granted, fast food is not - and should not - be standard dinner or lunch fare. You can hope that parents do not take their kids to McDonald's that much and let them nosh on cheeseburgers more than a couple times a week.

The keyword here - parents. Yes, advertising those toys makes the meals a top choice to kids. But... can a burger once or even a few times a week really be the culprit for weight problems?

Sorry, but a knee-jerk reaction blaming one thing simply isn't the answer. Most likely it's letting kids eat lots of junk food (candy, cookies, snacks), and overeating, combined with less exercise and more TV watching-video game playing that is the real reason why kids (and a lot of us) are packing on pounds these days. Banning one item won't solve the problem.

Your opinion?


Dana Fredsti said...

I"m with you on this one, Chris. Not a fan of McDonald's, but it IS a knee jerk reaction. And letting one's kids eat crap all the time is rather like using TV as a babysitter instead of encouraging exercise, imagination and good nutrition. Things like Happy Meals should be a treat and available as such.

Lisa Hall said...

Chris, I so agree with you. If my kids had an unhealthy diet, that would be MY fault. Sure, they would love to eat fast food every night, but as a parent, it's my duty to not let that happen.

Karin F. said...

atta girl!!