Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hard Boiled Eggs

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it, and here’s hoping you enjoy your ham, or simnel cake, or tamales, or whatever your favorite traditional celebratory dishes are.  And whatever they are, I’m betting that they include hard boiled eggs, probably dyed all sorts of pretty colors, hidden all over the house and yard and gathered up in baskets, peeled and eaten until everyone in the family feels like Cool Hand Luke, and you still have a dozen left over.

Love them hard boiled eggs.  They’ll keep for weeks in the fridge, or at least until you can face the idea of eating another one.  There are lots of possibilities for the leftovers: include them in chef’s salads, make egg salad, put them in tuna casserole, make Scotch eggs, pickle them, or one of the easiest, and a favorite of mine, is to just make a tomato and egg sandwich.

Spread mayo, or your favorite sandwich spread, on bread, layer sliced hard-boiled eggs, sliced tomatoes, a sliver of onion, and some lettuce, slap it together, and enjoy.  Also very good with avocado, or excellent with a sprinkling of curry powder.

My husband and his brother came up with a creative way to get rid of extra Easter eggs when they were boys.  They took a basketful of them out into a field and chucked them one by one at a telephone pole.  I thought that this is such a timeless and universal boylike thing to do that I used the incident in my second book, Hornswoggled, which takes place at Easter time.

That’s an alternative you can consider if you run out of recipes using hard boiled eggs, and can rustle up some small boys and a telephone pole that nobody is using, 

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