Friday, April 30, 2010

A Fellowship for Appalachian Writers

I came across this today and thought I'd share it since it seems like a wonderful opportunity for writers living in the Southern Appalachian region:

The Jean Ritchie Fellowship seeks to support, encourage and honor writers from the Southern Appalachians. The fellowship is the first of its kind for the region's writers, and is committed to Appalachian voices. The fellowship strives to support artists who create works of beauty and social relevance, while honoring traditional heritage and forging a new path.

Submissions for the Jean Ritchie Fellowship in Writing come from literally every state in the region, as well as from natives who live in various states across the country. However, before applying, please consult the map (found at to determine if the county and state in which you live, or are originally from, is eligible as defined by the fellowship requirements. Indicate your county and state in the cover letter (specific guidelines are on the website).

Award amount: $1,500
Application fee: Ten dollars per submission.
You may apply in more than one genre. For each genre in which you apply, there is an additional five dollar reading fee.
Fellowship Guidelines:
Poetry: Submit no more than ten pages.
Prose (Fiction and Nonfiction): Submit no more than twenty pages.
All work samples must be double-side printed and page numbered. Previously published material will not be accepted. No collaborative work samples or joint applications, please. Include a very brief, one page cover letter. To ensure an anonymous reading process, please do not put your name on any application materials excepting the cover letter. For all genres, include a statement of purpose—no more than two pages. Specific statement of purpose and application guidelines are on the website.Please visit for full guidelines.

If you enter, good luck; and be sure and let us know if you win!

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Jo Raines said...

I have been wanting to write--but just now, life is overwhelming me!

Thanks for the head's up. I'll check out the deadline.