Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring: Cleaning, Projects, Easter, What Else?

Yesterday I got the spring cleaning bug and took down all the curtains to wash, cleaned windows and now it looks so much brighter. I almost wish I didn't have to bring the dog in so she can "snot" up the window again! ha!

Spring means fresh starts, right? As in projects... been busy reading and revamping a book project relating to miniatures.

Other things, quite a bit actually, are out to publishers and editors, spring seems to mean lots and lots (and lots!) of waiting? Keeping busy helps as you get distance so any refusals are not so hard to take. (Sometimes.)

But publishing and writing are not fields for the impatient. It takes soooooo long to get an answer! The only food mention I'll make this time is that waiting has a bad effect - nervous nibbling!

* If you're a writer, how do you keep focused and not get discouraged? (And okay share: what's your favorite "nervous" snacking food?)

* If you're a crafter, how do you keep yourself motivated?


Camille Minichino said...

WAITING is right, Chris!
I respond pretty much as you do: clean, nibble, and get other projects out there.

I always have more writing on the back burner. Working on other writing projects is the best way to be productive instead of fretting about what's already out.

Another miniatures book? Do tell!

Chris V. said...

Yes... I am working on something but I'm not 'announcing' it officially yet until it's all done and subbed! Superstitious? ha!

Peach Blossom Hill said...

I have always wanted to write creatively. I minored in Art and Creative Writing in college and now barely have time to read, much less write. Good luck! And congrats on the spring cleaning. I need to be doing that, too.


Dana Fredsti said...

Favorite nervous snacking food... Hmm.. that's a tough one. I don't really have one. Sipping on wine would be my equivalent. ANd I'm trying to cut way back on that 'cause of the calories.

Staying motivated? well, with writing I've come to look at it as a job - I sit down and put the time in. With my favorite crafts (sewing/making things out of driftwood, etc), I tend to take an afternoon when the mood hits and give myself the time to play.