Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Revenge of the Meat

My husband recently read a review of some books about the US food supply, more particularly the meat supply, and he's off meat altogether. I'm just as happy to go along. I mean, I love meat--my mother swears that "MEAT!" was my first word--but I've learned to love veg, too.

When Charlie and I were first married, I was a "meat and 'taters" person. "Salad" meant iceburg lettuce and tomato. "Vegetables" meant canned corn or green beans. "Fruit" meant bananas. Since then, my definitions have broadened. (No remarks about anything else that's broadened over the years, please.)

We have a daughter who's ovo-lacto-vegetarian and two others who are almost that meatless. The fourth used to date an ovo-lacto-vegetarian and still eats more veg than meat.

So we've collected recipes and techniques, and often go for days without meat, not really intending to. There's an organic grocery not too far from here, so we've decided that we might buy the occasional free-range chicken or package of ham from them, just for variety or to share with meat-eating guests.

Years ago, I told our first vegetarian daughter than I was giving up on pot roast, because I couldn't get it tender--no matter how I cooked it, it was always tough. She said, "That's because the cow is going, 'Okay, eat me, then, but I'm going to tense up so you can't enjoy it.'"

Which brings me to one of my favorite jokes:

A guy from Brooklyn was hiking in a jungle somewhere when he was captured by cannibals. He asked what they were going to do with him. They said they were going to kill him and skin him and eat him and tan his skin to cover a wicker frame and make a canoe. "Oh, yeah?" He grabs a fork and pokes himself all over and says, "THERE'S ya frackin' canoe!"



Dana Fredsti said...

Sigh. I love meat. I always will. But I'm appreciating veggies more and more...

Peach Blossom Hill said...

I'm afraid I am a meat lover but an animal lover also so I just try not to think about it! I often wonder what I would do if I became diabetic or developed some other condition that severely restricted my diet as I have no willpower or discipline whatsoever. At 47, I think I actually have a pretty good metabolism because I love to eat and while I need to shape up, I am not overly plump. But when 50 hits, I imagine I will have to get a better grip! If I'm still here, LOL!

I'll let you know how our Methodist Seder goes!


Gayle said...

Jody, I agree with you about being a meat lover AND an animal lover and just trying not to think about it. When we visited Biltmore a couple summers ago, a man on the bus ride up from the parking lot to the main house asked if Biltmore grows its own beef. "We sure do," the tour guide said. "Those black Angus you see in the fields are what we serve in all our restaurants." My son, daughter and I looked at each other in horror; and my son said, "Well, there goes MY hamburger." :)