Tuesday, March 2, 2010

International Intrigue

My mother and I are going to an International Festival at a local college this evening. There will be information booths and FOOD! So I, evil thing that I am, thought, "What a good idea for a murder!"

The motive might be personal or ideological or traditional. Does someone from one country hate someone from another because of one country's long-standing oppression of the other? Because someone of one group resents being made to hob-nob with someone of a traditionally despised other group? (You could invent the countries or groups.) Is someone at the festival serving a variation on a traditional food that is an abomination to the tradition that originated it? Like latkes with bacon bits in it or beef curry? Or is it a love rivalry or a top-student rivalry or a student/teacher involvement or bad blood between two academics or even something involving the people who bring in the displays and nothing to do with the campus at all?

Opportunity and means--Easy to slip something into food or onto a plate of food. People would be expecting odd tastes and textures, and courtesy would insist one eat at least a bite. A little Thai sauce for someone with an intense peanut allergy but doesn't know what Thai sauce is? A little cyanide in a dish that includes ground almonds? So many possibilities.


Oh, er, if I don't post next Tuesday, make sure I'm okay.


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