Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cool Beans

Now there is a cool (actually ice cold) way to enjoy the taste of Jelly Bellys. On a recent trip to the Dollar General, I found boxes of Jelly Belly Freezer Pops. Here is one review of the freezer pops.

If you prefer the real deal, Jelly Bellys are all over the place right now. Here is a link to their fun site.

I remember this huge Jelly Belly craze when I was in elementary school back in the 80's. Supposedly, Ronald Reagan loved them, which seemed to sky-rocket their popularity.

Although they taste great, jelly beans don't exactly go well with the Easter ham. For that reason, I share my recipe for the baked beans that I am making this Easter:

Begin with canned baked beans. To them add generous amounts (a cup or so) of maple syrup and ketchup, about a teaspoon of prepared mustard, about a Tablepoon of white or apple cider vinegar and a dash of hot sauce. Dice about 1/2 cup of onion and stir into beans. Pour lightly greased baking dish or slow cooker. Lay strips of bacon or ham over the top. If using the oven bake low, slow and covered until bubbly. If using the slow cooker, cook as long as possible!

Happy Easter!


Gayle said...

Adorable picture, Lisa. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Hadn't seen the Jelly Belly pops! Cute pix and thank you for the recipe!