Thursday, March 11, 2010

Alice in Wonderland: Food and the Mad Hatter's Table

Just saw Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (love loved it!) - lots of eye candy!

Besides the wonderful costumes and scenery and 3D (very cool!), (and Johnny Depp of course!), what caught my eye was the Hatter's Table. Being a dollhouse and miniatures collector, I've been drawn to this movie since I first heard about it. What a scene this would make in miniature!

Found this new pic online showing the table's contents better. Looks yummy!

There are a few more photos showing closeups of what they are eating and drinking (Tea! the March Hare says.) And lots of cakes. Fun stuff. A movie definitely worth seeing.

Check out the fantastic cakes on these promotional photos and a gorgeous tea set!


Dana Fredsti said...

This movie looks incredibly cool and the sort of thing that will give kids nightmares...

Ruby's Girl said...

Chris I too loved this movie and the table scenes are so perfect for miniatures were they not? My mini club has been making cakes and teapots and the like this past few months and mine are just perfect for the Mad Hatters tea party. Oh and the plants and the whole thing was wonderful!! Thanks for the photos !
A camper from B.C.

Lisa Hall said...

OPI nail polish has a cool set of colors inspired by the movie. There's a sparkly blue, silver confetti and two reds. Movie tickets + nail polish= great gift for any gal who loves Alice!

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Found your blog through Christine! I will probably have to take my Joanna, 10, to see it during her spring break. Older college aged sister will be in Orlando and son, 18 will have returned from his senior high school trip and the rest of us will be broke and not going anywhere (LOL!) so in addition to finally wiring her dollhouse, I think I'll take her to the matinee!