Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Everywhere, How about Snow Ice Cream?

Snow snow snow! They got clobbered in the Northeast, the drifts are thigh-high here in Wisconsin, so it made me think, what do you do with all that snow?

How about eating it?

Well... there is really such a thing as snow ice cream. (Ah so that's where that saying comes from, don't eat the yellow snow!)

Here are some Snow Ice Cream Recipes. -- And check out the video! Let us know if you try it! (Maybe you're braver than me. ha!)


Marian Allen said...

Snow cream!! That's what we called it when I was growing up. And, yeah, "Watch out where the huskies go and do not eat that yellow snow." heh. We would just go out, scrape off the top layer of snow, fill a big pan with the clean middle layer and stir in a can of sweetened condensed milk. Mmmmmmm--it is SO GOOD!

Dana Fredsti said...

Having been born and bred in a place where snow is a rarity, I have never heard of or tried snow cream. I HAVE heard the warning against yellow snow though!

Lisa Hall said...

I remember my dad making this when we were kids. Around here, there's an dairy company called Mayfield that makes a snow cream flavored ice cream that tastes just like the real stuff.