Saturday, February 20, 2010

Food is Everything!

Today I was at the Capitol Crimes meeting (Sacramento Chapter of Sisters In Crime) and I was thinking about how food is everything. If you want a great marketing idea - add a little food. The fortune cookie that opens up and has the name of your book you've just written, the chocolate or sweet treat that draws the crowd to your table, raisins attached to a postcard for a book set in the wine country or cookies with the title of your book in frosting.

Even at my school - food is "top of the priority" list. The PTA is giving us a luncheon. Yeah! We all show up. We have to go to a night meeting - the most important question is "Where are we going to dinner first?" We have a staff development day - it doesn't matter what we are doing or who is presenting. Again, the most important question is "Where are we going for lunch?"

My latest book, Secrets at Sea, was written because I fell in love with the Chocolate Melting Cake on a cruise to the Mexican Reveira. I already had the characters in two previous books in the series and even knew who was going to be "bumped off" and why. When I thought about a setting - the Chocolate Melting Cake dripped through my mind the way it oozes off the vanilla ice cream you've dipped it into.

I've just come to one great conclusion - Life is, of course, all about the people we love - but the food runs a very close second!

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