Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cafe au Lait

You may have heard someone's skin color described as cafe au lait and you may have wonder what that means. Or maybe not. Anyway, cafe au lait is French for coffee with milk. Not just a little bit of milk. About half milk. Not just milk, though. Scalded milk. Scalding brings out the sweetness. And not just coffee. Strong coffee. No, STRONG coffee. Coffee so strong, it's still strong when you cut it with an equal amount of hot milk.

MAN, it's good. It's even good if you make it the way I did this morning, with instant coffee and hazelnut-flavored powdered creamer (no sugar required when you use as much creamer as I did!).

Made me feel musical, only, typically, not Frenchly musical. Typically, it made me feel like a corny pun, so here is the recipe:

You take
some cof-
-fe, nice and strong.
You heat
some milk,
not for too long.
Mix, half
and half.
You can't go wrong.
Then drink.
You'll love cafe ole´!



Chris V. said...

All recipes should be that easy. ha!

Dana Fredsti said...

A latte by any other name... I love all the various coffee recipes...