Thursday, February 25, 2010

Butter, Lard and all that "Good" Stuff!

Every time that commercial featuring The Buttertons comes on - you know the woman grocery shopping with a cart full of stacks of butter or serving up baked potatoes topped with sticks of butter - I laugh, even if that isn't the main message.

The commercial also prompted hubby and I to remember all those things we grew up with - cans of Crisco shortening, lard for frying, butter on everything. The downer - or maybe just "junk science," heard on the news that doctors now say heart problems start in childhood and they'd mentioned looking at toddlers' heart health. Toddlers? So we never had a chance right? ha! .

I looked around at some sites sharing old recipes from the 1950s and as I'm not much of a cook, I don't know the amounts of butter or margarine used today in most recipes. But holy cow, this sounds like a lot:

* Recipes for Fresca Cake and a couple other cakes call for a half-pound of butter!

* An interesting article on The Rise and Fall of Crisco

* This is cool: find what the foods were for almost any period in time at the Food Timeline

* Remember any of your favorite 1950s-1960s foods?


Marian Allen said...

Chris, I LOVE the Food History Timeline! I used it all the time, when I wrote that food history column for World Wide Recipes. One of my must-have books for my fantasy/sf writing is FOOD IN HISTORY by Tannahill. Decide what in kind of environment to set the story, decide the level of technology, and FIH and FHT let you pop in bits about what they eat and how they cook it. Adds a layer of reality to the story. :) Thanks for the link!

Chris V. said...

I know that is a cool link. so fun to look! And the book sounds very good too!

Dana Fredsti said...

What a great link! Thanks, Chris!

I was born in '62...and my favorite childhood foods were Appian Way pizza and Shasta Tiki Punch soda... Not a lot of butter, but still...