Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Box of Chocolates or Just One?

Vicki here, wondering how I ended up being the blogger on Valentine’s Day? I have remarkably little to say on that subject.

Today, as on so many occasions we use food to express our feelings. Candies for children, boxes of chocolates for lovers, romantic dinners for couples. I wonder how many women have asked their loved ones not to give them chocolates for Valentine’s Day – I’m watching my weight – ended up with a big box anyway. And of course ate them all.

Speaking about chocolate, chocolate provides an apt metaphor for the world we live in today.

I was recently on a shopping trip with my daughter, and we stopped in at a little, privately owned chocolate store. You know the place – bright and colourful, filled with display cases of perfectly formed confections. I treated us to a truffle.

Each truffle cost about $3.50 and was about the size of a golf ball cut in half.

We pondered the display, discussed the choices, made our selection, chose something, then changed our minds and chose something else. Each little chocolate was carefully placed in a small box. We stood outside taking tiny bites, savouring each mouthful, and commenting to each other on the wisdom of our choices.

I spent $7.00 on a mouthful of chocolate for us each. I could have gone to the convenience store and bought giant chocolate bars made by mega-corporation for half that and we could have gorged ourselves.

I think I got the better value.

We contributed something to a small business owner in the community, we encouraged a craft, my daughter and I had a shared experience, and most of all we enjoyed a taste sensation diametrically different than we would have gotten from the giant mass-produced chocolate bar.

And, if we’d eaten $7.00 worth of a commercial chocolate bar we would have felt mighty sick after. Not to mention consuming about a thousand totally empty calories.

Value is about a lot more than money, and that’s something that is too often forgotten these days.

Suitable for Valentines day, I also blog at Type M for Murder, and today’s guest blogger is writer Mark H. Phillips, discussing his anthology A Box of Texas Chocolates. Mark is having a contest to win a copy of the book. Click here to hop on over and have a look. These chocolates are guaranteed to have ZERO calories.

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