Friday, February 12, 2010

Added a recipe page

Based on a wonderful suggestion given by Denise Turocy, I've added a recipe page to my website. I sent an e-mail to my newsletter subscribers telling them about the page and asking if they had any other suggestions. Jodi Webb wrote that I should have a recipe contest for my next book, Killer Sweet Tooth. She advised offering the winner(s) the chance to have their recipes posted in the book and their names in the acknowledgements.

My agent, Robert Gottlieb, sold Killer Sweet Tooth to Gallery/Pocket/Simon & Schuster just this week. I thought Jodi's idea was wonderful, but I didn't know how the new powers that be would feel about it. Fortunately, I spoke with Danielle (my Gallery editor) for the first time today; and she loves the idea. I'm going to wait until closer to the publication date to run the contest, but I think it will be a great way to generate buzz.

Have any of you had any terrific ideas offered up by readers or other writers? If so, please share!

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