Friday, January 22, 2010

How do YOU do it?

My question to all you Fatal Foodies today is how do you do it? I'm talking about getting yourself back on track after holidays or stress or whatever else jolts you out of your regular routine.

I have to write everything down. In fact, I became so intent on this that last weekend I wrote myself to-do lists for every day except Sunday for the next three weeks.

My lists include exercise, work goals for the day and a food diary (because I needed to rein in my calorie consumption). I've even scheduled in daily "boosts" to reward myself for meeting the day's goals. On Monday, I bought myself a small pot of purple crocuses. They brighten up the table and remind me that Spring is not all that far off.

So, tell me, how do you get yourself back on track, relieve stress or reward yourself for a job well done?

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Chris V. said...

I'm a list maker too but wow, you are really intense about it! You get to where the lists are all consuming... but I feel disorganized or overwhelmed if I can't look at a sheet and see what I have to do. About only way I know to do it - work on one thing, then move on; (sure says she who has 5 things going at once. ha!)