Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a happy New Year and to introduce you to our newest blogger, Vicki Delany.

Vicki Delany’s newest novel, Winter of Secrets, received a starred review from Publishers Weekly, which said, “she uses…artistry as sturdy and restrained as a Shaker chair.” Vicki writes everything from standalone novels of suspense (Burden of Memory) to the Constable Molly Smith series, a traditional village/police procedural series set in the B.C. Interior (Winter of Secrets), to a light-hearted historical series (Gold Digger) set in the raucous heyday of the Klondike Gold Rush. Vicki owns a small (very small) country property amid the lush farms of Prince Edward County, Ontario. She tries, sometimes, to grow her own food and to eat a ten mile diet, which is easy in the County. In summer and fall. ( Vicki's post day is Sunday.

I also want to welcome back Christine Verstraete ( Christine has been away while trying to meet a deadline. Her post day is Thursday.

I have some exciting news to share as well. Due to a campaign by the publisher of Murder Takes the Cake (the first book in my Daphne Martin Mystery Series) wherein the Kindle version of the book was offered free to Kindle buyers for a limited time, Murder Takes the Cake is ranked number two in overall Kindle sales and number one in mystery. However, what I think is the bigger news is that the trade paperback copy is now (as of 12/31) ranked #65 in Mystery Series (the Kindle version is still at #1), and the paperback's overall Amazon rank is #15,707 in Books, which is up nearly 10,000 from yesterday.
Happy New Year, everybody!


Marian Allen said...

W00T! Congratulations, Gayle!

And welcome, Vicki--proud to have you with us.

Welcome back, Chris! Missed you, gal. You still doing the printies?

I'm so proud to be among such stars!

Chris V. said...

Congrats Gayle on the book success and on the kindle, too. ( least free gets them to sample the book and get #2!)

Welcome to Vicki.

Glad to be back. I finally finished my mystery, set in a diner, and am seriously looking for an agent. I'm still writing short stories in-between, as well. So I hope to add some different comments here on food, diners, and whatever else strikes my fancy, and continue to blog about my book progress at my own blog, Candid Canine, as well. Happy 2010!

Gayle said...

Thank you, Marian.

Chris, check out WOW! Women On Writing's December issue (avail. at their site) on agents. Also, if you'll please send me your bio blurb, I'll put it back up. I noticed yesterday that it's gone.

Thanks! :-)