Friday, December 18, 2009

Voracious Ravenousitis

If you, too, grew up watching reruns of Bewitched, then you're familiar with the fictitious ailment voracious ravenousitis. It caused Samantha to eat everything she saw. The other night I found myself wondering, "What is it about the holidays that makes me think voracious ravenousitis isn't so fictional after all?" Of course, I was thinking this as I stood in the kitchen looking around for something to eat.

Is it the stress? I, for one, am a stress eater. And this time of year, I want to get everyone in my family the perfect gift. I want everyone to be happy and have his or her expectations met. And, for some reason, I feel that meeting those expectations is my responsibility. If someone doesn't have a good Christmas, it's somehow my fault! So, if you don't have yourself a merry little Christmas, please don't tell me.

Is it the socializing? The parties, the breakfasts, the brunches and the lunches...and that's just at my children's school! This morning, I helped serve at the 8th graders' brunch. Afterward, the volunteers were invited to eat also. Naturally, I had to sample the mini cinnamon rolls and the maple-iced doughnuts. My daughter came up and exclaimed, "Mom, you have to try this awesome fudge!" So, I tried the awesome fudge...and it was.

Is it the food itself? There are special foods that aren't around anytime else...or, if they are, they don't seem as good. Last night, I bought some macadamia nut butter toffee popcorn mix at Target. Sure, you can get Crunch-N-Munch anytime but not with macadamia nuts!

Whatever the cause, I have voracious ravenousitis. And, I only expect it to get worse in the coming week. So...calling Dr. Bombay! Emergency! Come right away!

Dr. Bombay?


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