Monday, December 14, 2009

Moody Monday

I'm waiting to hear word on my dad's health - he's in ICU and I may be flying down to San Diego at any time. Food is not something on my mind and I'm trying to think thoughts as far away from fatal as I can. So here's my question: what is your all time favorite Christmas recipe, be it cookie or main dish? Mine is old fashioned butter cookies made with a cookie press in various shapes, decorated with chocolate chips, maraschino cherries, nuts, sprinkles, or whatever else our imaginations and cupboards could come up with.

What about you?


Marian Allen said...

BEST wishes for your father's health! And big hugs to you and all your family.

My favorite recipe for this time of year is a toss-up between fruitcake and springerle. Most of my family loves fruitcake--don't know what planet we came from! My husband loves springerle and I've learned to love it, too. It's the only thing flavored with licorice/anise that I can tolerate, and I LOVE it!

Donis Casey said...

Dana, we'll be sending all our love your way and prayers and good wishes for your father.

My uncle used to make snickerdoodles every Christmas. The only thing he could cook, I think, but he could sure make snickerdoodles. It wouldn't have been Christmas without them

Lisa Hall said...

Lots of prayers for your dad!
My favorite is white chocolate fudge with apricots and walnuts.

Dana Fredsti said...

Thanks, ladies, both for your good wishes and prayers, and your favorite Christmas foods! Hopefully Dad will be able to eat some of his this holiday too!