Monday, December 7, 2009

Hot Toddy TIme

Okay, I admit it, I've been pathetic lately. Nothing like a good old-fashioned head cold to make one not only miserable, but feel like a five year old who wants nothing more than to lie in bed and be served chicken soup and Saltines while watching cartoons (or in my case, zombie movies). Unfortunately I had to work through most of the cold and on the days I stayed home from work, I still brought my computer and month-end reports home with me, so while I DID sleep in a few extra hours those days, I couldn't stay in bed. I did, however, treat myself to one of my favorite winter time treats, which is also VERY good for colds. Hot apple cider/whiskey toddies.

Easiest recipe in the world too:

Take a saucepan and dump in apple cider, cinnamon, cloves, lemon juice (I just plop in several slices of lemon), a bit of honey or agave syrup to taste, and a shot or five of whiskey. I never measure any of this, preferring to taste test as I stir the mixture over the stove. When doing month end reports or any other work related activity, I recommend keeping the whiskey at a minimum! Otherwise, while it may not have any medicinal value (and this point can be debated quite heatedly), it sure eases the pain!

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