Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Don't Become a New Year's Eve You Tube Video

Why am I dishing out this advice? Because last year, I was afraid of this happening to me. No, I was not running out with a lampshade on my head or displaying any other ridiculous behavior.
Let me explan what happened. Last New Year's Eve, a bunch of us took advantage of a local hotel's New Year's Eve package. All of us have kids, so it was a nice getaway to have food, dancing, a comfy room and New Years Day breakfast.
We all got our rooms close together. One room was designated as the "food room". Everyone brought finger foods and a table was set up in that room. Down the hall from us was the sports bar/restaurant where there was music and dancing.
Now, this girl loves to dance. I had not been dancing since my friend's wedding reception, which was about three years before. Needless to say, I got my groove on. No big deal in that everyone else was doing the same. Except, I was eight months pregnant.
I had been to the doctor that day, and I was not dialted or anything, so dancing was totally fine. Pretty soon I realized that I must have looked pretty hilarious out there, but I continued to dance, with lots of water breaks, just to be safe.
As the evening went on, I noticed lots of folks snapping pics and shooting video on their camera phones. None of them seemed to be aimed at me, but I became a bit paranoid about getting caught in the background of a vidoe. I could just see someone posting a video on You Tube of a big pregnant lady in a red maternity jacket getting down on the dance floor.
As midnight approached, champagne was poured at each table. Seeing my condition, the manager sent me a bottle of sparkling grape juice. Soon after my grape juice toast and a midnight kiss with my husband, I decided that it was time to sleep. As I walked back to our room with my half-empty bottle of sparkling grape juice, which looked just like a bottle of champagne, the You Tube fears peaked. I could just see a "Pregnant Lush" video becoming the new You Tube scandal! So Fatal Foodies if a video pops up of a pregnant woman dancing and carrying a half-empty bottle through a sports bar, remember I had medical clearance and it was grape juice!

Here is a simple recipe for one of the finger foods I took to our New Years Eve gathering:

Chocolate Crescents
canned crescent rolls
chocolate chips
seperate and unroll each crescent roll into a triange
sprinkle about 10 chocolate chips in the middle of each triangle, roll up into crescent shape
bake according to package directions
Can be served as whole crescents or cut into pieces.


Chris V. said...

haaa! too funny (well it wouldn't have been) but think of the book publicity and marketing potential! (oh and a great book character??) (nothing is wasted. ha!)

Gayle said...

Lisa, I THOUGHT the woman in that YouTube vid they showed on The Today Show looked familiar! ;-)