Saturday, December 5, 2009

December is the Cruelest Month

Christmas is coming, and Donis is getting fat.  And I can’t even say I’ve written a book about cakes and bakeries.  I’m still dealing with the extra “Fatten up Don” pounds that I put on while my husband was sick and I was trying to get him up to something like a normal weight. 

The 25 pounds he gained look good on him.  The howsoever many I gained - not so much.  Since the crisis abated this fall, I’ve been really really good with the diet. That is, until November 15, when we celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary by going out to eat like a couple of truckers.  Then, following two weeks of soup and Lean Cuisine, Thanksgiving.

More famine following the feast, but this Sunday I’m attending a cookie exchange and I made the mistake of baking the cookies ahead of time.

I try hard, but I’m weak.  And to make it even harder, every day of the world I go to either my local Whole Foods Market or Trader Joe’s,  Treats and samples are everywhere, and I feel like I’m a shark and someone just threw a bucketful of chum into the water.

Yesterday, Trader’s was sampling grilled cheese sandwiches made of cinnamon raisin bread, blue cheese, and apples.  Tonight at Whole Foods, I was faced with slices of clementines and oranges, and bite-sized pieces of carrot muffin, blueberry danish, chocolate chip cookie, and hummus on baguette.  Did I resist?  What do you think?

December is my nemesis.  Not only do all kinds of parties and open houses lead up to Christmas, my birthday is four days after the holiday, and I have no intention of forgoing my birthday cake. 

Perhaps my only hope this month is to skip meals altogether and simply make a trip to the store a couple of times a day.


Gayle said...

Donis, you're beautiful.

Dana Fredsti said...

WHat Gayle said. And y'know, add an extra 10 minutes of walking a day... but enjoy yourself! There comes a time in a woman's life she must choose between a happy stomach and a flat stomach. As much as I whine about my clothes fitting, I still choose happy.

Donis Casey said...

Why, thank you my Dear Ones! And Dana, if that were a full length picture, you'd see that I have also chosen happy.