Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What to do with a Bunch of Hotdog Buns

A tailgate party from last weekend has left me with a bunch of leftover hotdog buns. I have since been on a search to find novel uses for hotdog buns. In the past, I have cut the buns into cubes and toasted them to use as crutons.

They also make nice buns for mini-hamburgers. Just cut the hotdog into thirds to accomodate little hamburger patties.

I seached to web to find that this is a common problem due to the fact that may times the number of hotdog buns in a pack does not match number of hotdog weenies in a pack. Anyone who has seen Father of the Bride is sure to remember when Steve Martin's character is caught stealing hotdog buns out of sheer frustration. If you have not seen the movie, Steve Martin's character is completely stressed-out from the strain of planning his daughter's wedding. The breaking point occurs when he feels forced to buy an extra pack of hotdog buns just so he can have enough for each weenie in a pack. His solution is to open up a bag of buns to take only what he needs.

If only his character could have found the following uses for extra buns, he might not have been forced to take it so far:

-Split hotdog buns make the perfect base for garlic breadsticks.

-The texture works for bread pudding.

-French toast sticks

-Buns for mini-meatball subs


Gayle said...

Thanks so much for the ideas, Lisa!

Chris V. said...

If all else fails, birds and squirrels may like them.ha!

Dana Fredsti said...

Sigh. My beloved dog used to eat our leftover buns et al...