Friday, October 2, 2009

Sam's Bittersweet Samples

My husband and I went to Sam's Club last night to get groceries. Being a Thursday, I didn't think there would be many samples offered. There weren't as many as are available on the weekends, but there were plenty.

On the plus side, Sam's Club gives me the opportunity to have a taste of something I normally wouldn't try. For instance, last night I had a bite of caramel apple pie with pecans. It was really good. It was a taste rather than an entire slice of pie; and knowing no one else in the family would eat it, I was able to leave the pie in the store.

The samples also give me an opportunity to taste new products before deciding whether or not to buy. After sampling Fuze and frozen chicken quesadillas, I've become a regular customer of these products.

On the negative side, I've wound up sampling items I was "sure" the entire family would love only to have to toss it when no one cared for it. This happens even when we try something and enjoy it in the store. Why is that? Is it that we were hungry when we tasted the sample and, therefore, it seemed better than it actually was? Or is it that some things are simply better in bite-sized samples than they are as a meal?

Maybe I should just wear blinders when I go to Sam's. Or maybe I should try and not buy...unless something is really, really good. :-p

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